A Holistic Wellness Approach to the Whole Body

As a certified teacher, I offer a wide range of Pilates, Yoga and Face Yoga sessions both for groups and individuals. Take a look at my class schedule to find a class suitable for you. Or contact me directly if you are interested in a 1-2-1 private session.

Changing your life is easier than you think. Contact me and lets get started!



Look the Best Version of Yourself

Face Yoga is a combination of face exercises. face massage, acupressure and wellbeing, for a healthy, natural way of looking young. As a fully certified Danielle Collins Face Yoga trainer, I teach all the necessary techniques to take home with you to practice daily, to diminish wrinkles, lift the facial contours, create healthy glow and look years younger.


Strengthen and Invigorate the Body and Mind

The matwork classes are fun, challenging, creative and suitable for anyone. Improve your back health, open your shoulders, become more flexible, create a better posture and strengthen the whole body - all in a weekly one hour class. We use a variety of small Pilates equipment to enhance your workout.


Tune IN with your true Self

I teach beginners yoga classes aimed at finding the breath in each asana and length in the spine to increase sukha (ease) in every posture. Yoga is all about finding the middle ground, that balance between working hard and creating the flow, fully present in each moment, every breath, every pose. I use meditation techniques at the end of each class to reground and rebalance the body and soul. 


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