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I am a fully certified, professionally trained Pilates teacher, 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher and an accredited Face Yoga instructor, teaching a variety of classes in Somerset, UK.

I teach both matwork and equipment Pilates, having originally trained under Alan Herdman London Pilates affiliated program. My matwork Pilates classes are small, friendly and fun, enabling me to give personal attention to each client for best results. I make sure that my clients are motivated, supported, encouraged and challenged to achieve their health and fitness goals. I also teach at the Pilates Studio in Taunton, both studio clients and the reformer fitness classes. Pilates has truly been a journey of self discovery for me, that is still constantly evolving, and I feel totally inspired and committed to passing on the fantastic benefits of Pilates to others.

Yoga has been my long-standing passion since my 20s and having practiced on and off for many years, I felt a deep calling to train in yoga professionally and completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher training, with another 300 hour further teacher certification currently underway. My yoga classes are a fusion of Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin practices, with a strong focus on alignment, breathwork (pranayama) and meditation, catering to both beginners and more seasoned yogis. 

I am a certified Face Yoga instructor, trained personally by the wonderful Danielle Collins, the World's leading Face Yoga expert. Facial fitness is a relatively new and increasingly popular health trend and I'm very excited to be able to teach it here in Somerset. I offer group workshops and individual one-to-one sessions, teaching the full program of facial exercises, face massage, acupressure and wellbeing techniques to promote a healthy younger looking appearance in everyone.


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